Our workshops are built to pull your creative vision from your mind into something you can see, feel, and share. Everything from branding/logo design, t-shirt design, sticker design, and much more. All our workshops are 2 hours and can be anywhere from 1-3 sessions. We keep our workshops no larger than 10 people, to make sure you get the attention you need to bring your vision to a reality!

Our instructors lead a fun and structured lesson with their knowledge and experience from the industry. You definitely won’t just be taking notes. Conversation and developing ideas with peers and like minded people is the most valuable part of the session.

Branding/Logo Design
$100/3-day workshop

What is branding? Let’s take a look into what makes a brand stand out, what brings the hype, and much more. Come in and learn, as well as create, your own brand!

Session 1 – Branding overview
Session 2 – Let’s create your brand
Session 3 – Let’s show your brand (take home a self branded T-shirt, LED keychain, Stainless Steel Tumbler, or 10 x 10″ Decal)

Email to sign up! Limited spaces available